Computer Services



Remote Access
by appointment only

Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer

 For remote support from F1 Computer Services

  1. Click on "TeamViewer" link above.

  2. Click "Run"

  3. Click "Run" again. 

  4. You will be provided with and ID and a password.  Provide that info to us by phone (575-258-1998) or email along with the problem you are having and leave the TeamViewer window open. 

  5. We will log into your PC when we can get to it.

  6. Nothing is installed on your computer and the codes work only for one session, but if you are uncomfortable with this process, click the cancel button on the TeamViewer window.

When we are finished, we will leave a text file open on your computer with our charges and address to mail the check to.  We charge $64/hour (+ tax) with a $35 minimum (1/2 hour or less) for remote support.