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Optimize Service
Ever notice how your computer seems to get slower and slower? Dumb question, huh?  There are plenty of things that can cause that to happen. Some of the causes are power fluctuations, malware, components going bad (RAM, power supply, etc) and just use in general. If your computer or your employee's computer is running slow, that is costing you as productivity slows down. 

F1 Computer Services has started a new service to help in this area. Each month or each quarter, we will come you your office, and perform an optimize on each computer. We boot to a 3rd party cd and operating system to run most of this process.  We do this so that we are not relying on Windows to fix Windows and we have better access to all of the files since virtually none are in use.  This is a 3 step process.

1. Check Drive for physical and magnetic integrity
2. Optimize files for fastest access
3. Check for malware with a program different than the one on the computer.
Most Anti-Malware programs cannot find everything, so another scan will generally find malware left behind by others.